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My Work in Progress - May 2020 - Shower of Lies

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Hey fans,

I'm working on a story I started before the quarantine.

In real life, a young coworker, Jenna, told us she needed to plan a bridal shower for her best friend for a hundred people in a location three hours away with only twenty days notice.

We all told her it was impossible.

But I immediately thought, "this is a great premise for a crazy new novel". And I outlined it on the spot.

The working title is "Shower of Lies". The protagonist, named Jenna, needs to stop her best friend from marrying the wrong guy. A guy whose family does illicit business with the mob. But the bride-to-be won't believe it. The bridal shower becomes the battle scene. The future Mother-in-Law is chased by the FBI. Jenna learns to stand up for herself and realizes childhood friendships aren't always worth holding onto. The book is a tale about growing up, self-esteem, and true friendship.

I'm aiming to query in September 2020.

Thanks for following and stay safe out there!

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