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My tips to combat writer's block

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

What is writer's block? To me, it's getting to a part of the story where you don't know what happens next, or that terrible middle section where you need to bridge a story gap.

What do I do?

- Ask yourself, what is the most proactive thing your main character can be doing now? Then write a scene that pushes your MC to new limits.

-Think about what motivated you to write this particular story in the first place. For me, I wanted to explore female empowerment. Go back to the essence of your story and its theme.

- Take a break. Continue to think about your story, but don't start writing again until you have a truly awesome idea. I get great ideas in the middle of the night. Keep a pad and pen on your nightstand. Come back when you are excited to get your thoughts down.

- Talk through your block with a friend or fellow writer. Sometimes hearing your issues out loud can spark inspiration and remove your log jam.

- Come up with something random or quirky. Maybe a chance encounter with a wacky new character. Or something unusual falls from the sky. It doesn't have to make sense. But it might get your creative juices flowing. There is a delete key for a reason. Just go with it for now.

- Add a murder scene. Nothing shakes up a story like a murder. Or accidental death. Ha, didn't see that coming, did you? Writing a story is problem solving. Think of inventive twists that solve your problem but hopefully don't create new ones.

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