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Bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger not creating a new post since May. So for kicks, I'm sharing some of the 'rules' I posted on Twitter during July and August. Please enjoy these totally random thoughts.

Rule #15: Rewriting a scene to show not tell always comes out better.

Rule #14: Mosquitoes must die. (Not really a rule, sure. But I lost a battle to them today and I will have my revenge.)

Rule #13: Editing is a mobius strip of never-ending work.

Rule #12: Don't stucco your 60's era suburban tract house. And don't get me started on fake stucco arches, corner blocks and weird ass columns. Please. Just. Don't.

Rule #11: DON'T buy cheap wallpaper. There's a reason it is cheap. It takes three times longer to install without wrinkles. My husband told me I used lots of not nice words yesterday during my six-hour ordeal to complete one wall. I kind of wish he recorded it.

Rule #10: Don't accidentally lock your husband out of the house when he is enjoying a summer storm on the front porch.

Rule #9: Men think they can solve any problem with a towel, a t-shirt or a sock.

Rule #8: Sometimes if you just wait long enough, the perfect way to solve a sticky plot point reveals itself.

Rule #7: If you plan to issue a new rule each day, it's best to start writing them down to keep track.

Rule #6: Bitches are gonna bitch. [MEGA DISCLAIMER: No, this has nothing to do with twitter - you are all lovely- and I'd rather not discuss who this refers to. And I use the term to include all genders.] Whew. Yeah, these rules are gonna get me killed.

Rule #5: You don't have to make EVERY change suggested by beta-readers.

Rule #4: He who doesn't go to my sister's Hamilton viewing party has to put out the trash : )

Rule #3: Ice cream is a deceitful lil' bitch. Don't listen to her lies.

Rule #2: Don't edit when you're angry or sad.

Rule #1: Don't confuse the cat.

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