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Unpredictable Endings

After a career as a technical writer, DS dove into fiction writing in Fall 2018. She's a member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers.  When she isn't writing, she enjoys running, painting, crafting, and watching way too much YouTube. She lives in central NJ with her husband and 16 year old Maine Coon cat. Her favorite authors are Carl Hiassen and Janet Evanovich for their quick-paced, quirky stories. While she takes the art of writing seriously, she aims to write fast-paced stories that entertain, tickle, and surprise her readers. 

In July 2020, her deput novel, Antigenesis, was named a Finalist of the National Indie Excellence Awards for political thriller.

Antigenesis, PREDICTED SO MUCH of what is happening in 2020.

It's a bizarre tale about a global pandemic where women over 50 survive.  With disease spread by dogs, international assassins, and an idiot President. What could go wrong?


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For lighter fare, read Planet of the Creeps, a modern twist on a Cinderella story set in current day New York City. 

Cindy is trying to find love online.  But the men are mostly creeps. Will she find true love, with Lance, a CEO of the online dating app, Smitten? Or will he turn out to be the creepiest of all? 

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'Shower of Lies'

Jenna is asked to plan a bridal shower for her best friend Raven. Usually not a problem, but the party needs to occur 4 hours away, host 120 guests and she has has less than 3 weeks to plan! Young, broke, and dealing with several other stressful situations, Jenna must interface with Blanche, Raven's demanding future Mother-in-Law.

Making matters worse, Jenna learns Raven's fiance, Jack, is not only after Raven's trust fund, but a full-on criminal working with the Philadelphia mob.

An FBI agent, investigating Jack's family, reaches out to Jenna, explaining the shower is the perfect venue to isolate Blanche and offer her immunity in exchange for cooperation. 

Along the way, Jenna makes new friends and learns it's okay to ask for help instead of suffering alone.

Can Jenna pull off this impossible shower and save her best friend from marrying the wrong guy? What other secrets and lies will she discover?

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How Antigenesis was Conceived

What if... only older women survived a pandemic?

Antigenesis came to me while I was trail running in the cold October rain.  After babysitting my granddaughter the day before, I wondered what would happen if grandmas developed super-immunity from diseases after a lifetime of raising children and spending time with their grandchildren.  

Hence, a story about a pandemic where women over 50 survive.  

But a concept is not a plot.  

How would I make this somewhat plausible?  Months of research about viruses, bacteria and immunology ensued.  While this scenario is truly absurd, I learned enough to add what I hope is some interesting commentary.

The story needed characters. 

The protagonist, Ally, is a former CDC employee of the Epidemic Intelligence Service.  If you haven't heard of the EIS, they do fascinating work.  Check out the CDC website for video interviews with real EIS officers.  

The antagonist, Thomas Defoe, is a very unhappy U.S. Vice President who descends into madness.  

Antigenesis soon became a political satire involving foreign assassins, a dimwit US President, and the takeover of the government by the surviving all-female congress.


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